Flow Chart. Are you looking to buy some digital signage? No: I hate to say it, but maybe reading this blog post wasn't the most productive use of your time... Yes: Which monster do you relate to the most? I don't relate to any monster. I'm just interested in signage. Look, we can see the bolts poking out of your neck, just choose a monster for the love of all that is pixelated. Retail Vampire: My screens will never see daylight, but it's important that my luxury Ghoulie Vuitton bags, cloaks and coffins are portrayed in the deepest, purest, true to life blacks = You need OLED. Menuboard Witch: My cauldron burns with the brightness of 20,000 suns, and have you ever tried to read a menu with the glare of being burned at the stake? I need perfect colour, clarity and high brightness = You need QLED. Wayfinding Mummy: Grave robbers have stolen my treasure, so I have to be a bit economical with my pyramid way finding digital signage. With low light and my bandaged eyes, I don't need high end solutions = You need LED

A flow chart demonstrating how to decide between OLED, QLED and LED screens based on the needs of monsters