Improve communication. Increase Revenue. Reduce Costs.

Digital signage is a professional and simple way to impart information, menus, latest news and promotions to your customers; keeping them up to date with clear, consistent and timely messages and promotions.

Maybe your business already has screens which are not being utilised effectively. Or maybe you have been considering digital signage but don’t have the time to manage a new communication tool, or have been put off by the costs.

Digital Messaging Company uses the latest in LED SMART signage technology which removes the requirement for a PC or media player to drive your content. As a result, hardware costs and energy consumption are dramatically reduced by up to 50%.

We don’t just sell hardware and software. We offer a full service solution including installation, commissioning, an unlimited creative and content management service, as well as on-site service and support. We manage digital signage networks all day, every day, it’s our passion, it’s all that we do, and we do it very well.


  • A closer look at transparent LED film Its like ahellip
  • Digital menu and info boards at Queens Hospital digitalsignage digitalhellip
  • Workplace digital signage for ISS at Velocity digitalsignage digital DOOHhellip
  • Hospital digital signage welcoming visitors at Moorfields Eye Hospital digitalsignagehellip
  • Digital menu boards in action at Kingston Hospital digitalsignage digitalhellip
  • Stunning LG video wall digitalsignage digital DOOH OOH digitalsignageexpo digitalsignagesoftwarehellip
  • In store digital signage promotions for the RAF digitalsignage digitalhellip
  • Digital facial recognition software digitalsignage digital DOOH OOH digitalsignageexpo digitalsignagesoftwarehellip