22" Hand Sanitiser Display Kiosk

Hand sanitiser stations – free standing or wall mounted

Hand hygiene compliance is now the new normal and many businesses are looking for digital signage solutions in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hand washing stations and kiosks are becoming especially important for those in the retail, leisure and hospitality industries.

We are constantly looking for new technology and innovative ways for businesses to communicate and engage with their customers, visitors and staff. Many businesses found that hand hygiene stations are necessary additions to their stores, venues and offices as they’ve reopened. We’ve combined a digital signage with a commercial quality display for dedicated hygiene and social distancing messaging with a built in hand sanitiser dispenser to give your staff, clients and customers peace of mind.

Install our 22” Hand Sanitiser Display Kiosk as a practical hygiene station in your waiting rooms, stores, entrance ways or other public spaces to remind passersby about hand hygiene, social distancing and safety practices in place.

The high quality 22” screen can be updated remotely as often as needed and is a highly effective way to encourage staff and visitors to wash their hands often.

USES OF Hand sanitiser displays

The 22″ screens provide a means to deliver any welcome messaging alongside pertinent hand hygiene and social distancing information as soon as people enter your building. The hand sanitiser dispenser is easy to use and completely hands free. Visitors simply place their hands below the screen which triggers a sensor to disburse a sufficient quantity of sanitiser. A sanitiser level indicator makes it straightforward to determine when the unit needs to be refilled so your hand hygiene station need never be out of action.

Screen content can be updated as often as necessary via our cloud based software solution. Digital Messaging Company also provides a content creation and management service to ensure that you get the most out of your kiosks.

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Hand sanitiser stations and kiosks are perfect for use in:

  • shops, malls and retail outlets
  • cinemas and theatres
  • casinos
  • bars, pubs and night clubs
  • sporting venues
  • leisure centres and gyms
  • libraries and museums
  • corporate offices, factories and other workplaces
  • medical centres and hospitals


  • Concierge / entrance messaging
  • Improve hand hygiene around food in restaurants, cafés, snack bars and convenience stores
  • Providing hand hygiene information about Coronavirus, Norovirus, cold and flu
  • Promote restaurant / café offers and locations in conjunction with social distancing measures
  • Promote way finding and social distancing in large shopping malls, department stores or arenas
  • Encourage social distancing and hand hygiene measures anywhere a crowd gathers.
  • Way-finding for staff and visitors
  • Provide key security messages
  • Seasonal messages e.g., Christmas greetings, opening hours, special offers


  • 24/7 Commercial quality screen

  • Display can be connected via WiFi or ethernet and content updated remotely via our cloud-based software solution

  • Content management and creation services also available

  • Automatic, hands free sanitiser dispenser

  • Easy to refill

  • Sanitiser level indicator

  • Floor stand or wall mounted options available

  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

  • Robust steel enclosure


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