We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways for businesses to communicate and engage with their customers, visitors and staff. Recently, we developed our holographic mannequin, with applications surrounding hand hygiene, as a virtual concierge or even as a virtual librarian. More and more businesses all over the UK are investing in the technology, which is proven to deliver information in a memorable fashion. An interactive touch screen can also be built into the design, as can two working hand gel dispenser units to encourage staff and visitors to wash their hands before eating or handling food.


The holographic mannequin will provide a meet and greet service to drive home any welcome message or pertinent information in a memorable fashion. An interactive touch screen can also be built into the design, as can two working hand gel dispenser units to encourage staff and visitors to wash their hands before eating or handling food.

The holographic mannequin is a rear projection unit designed to look like a real person. As well as welcoming staff and visitors, the virtual concierge can be used to deliver key messages such as way-finding, special offers and restaurant information.

The holographic mannequin offers complete flexibility on message, including the script, the model used (which could be a member of your own staff), their gender and role, installation, and ease of refresh for messages to reflect seasonal awareness or other campaigns.

Our holographic nurse catches people’s attention as soon as they walk into the hospital, which is fantastic.  Having two hand-gel dispensers built into the design means patients, visitors and staff can clean their hands as soon as they walk through the door. We can also communicate other key messages through the virtual nurse – for example, on visiting arrangements. She is played by a real member of our Infection, Prevention & Control team, which is also a really nice touch.
Maurice Madeo
Deputy Director of Infection Prevention & Control at Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
The virtual nurse stands incorporate gel dispensers, so it’s a case of ‘you can’t pass go’ without using some gel.  The nurses can give messages from various areas which help visitors as well as promoting hand hygiene and infection prevention. Often you can walk past information without noticing it, but because of the hologram and the regular change of messages, people won’t become accustomed.
Duncan Gavan
Director of Infection Prevention and Control for East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
We are proud to have introduced the virtual nurse as part of our campaign to tackle infection. This initiative will help us to promote hand hygiene and deliver other key messages in a consistent and compelling manner. Raising awareness through high-profile initiatives like this enables us to educate our patients, visitors and staff alike.
Beverley Aspin
Senior Matron for Infection Prevention & Control at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Our low levels of infection are among the best in the region but we cannot become complacent. We actively encourage our patients and visitors to wash their hands and this is another tool which will hopefully capture people’s attention as soon as they walk through the front door. The messages are also about empowering our patients and visitors to ask staff to regularly wash their hands.
Paula Shobbrook
Director of Nursing at Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
I think Holly will catch people’s attention because she looks so realistic. We would never have a real medical professional standing in the main entrance asking people to use the hand gel but we hope more people will pay attention to the important messages if they come from her. She will ask people to wash their hands to reinforce the message about infection prevention and control, as no matter how much we try there will always be people who miss this important message otherwise. The Trust is committed to infection prevention and control and has a really good reputation for low infection rates, however we are always trying to do more, so we hope Holly will help us to further improve infection prevention and control at the hospital.
Ann Kerrane
Lead Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
The virtual nurse was introduced following the last national inpatient survey, which highlighted a need to increase the visibility of infection control and hand hygiene messaging around the hospital.  We are very pleased to be the first hospital outside London to install a virtual nurse, to support our rigorous infection prevention and control practices.
Joe Harrison
Chief Executive for Bedford Hospital
Good infection control and hand hygiene practices are vital in keeping our patients safe and infection-free. Jane, our virtual nurse provides an innovative way of getting these important messages across to visitors, who have such an importance part to play in stopping the spread of infection.
Juliet Magee
Lead Nurse for Infection Control at Bedford Hospital NHS Trust
I feel privileged to be asked to take such an important role in maintaining patient safety and raising awareness of hand hygiene throughout the Trust, as it’s so important that visitors to the wards use the hand gels and practice good hand hygiene to help stop the spread of infection.
Lianne Robinson
Matron for Trauma, Orthopaedics and Urology at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


  • Concierge / welcome messages
  • Improve hand hygiene around food
  • Promote restaurant / café offers and locations
  • Way-finding for staff and visitors
  • Provide key security messages
  • Seasonal messages e.g., Christmas greetings, opening hours, special offers


  • Creates a high impact visual attraction
  • Proven to increase usage of hand gel with built in units
  • Never gets tired – can run 24/7
  • Flexible design – Could be your CEO, security staff, restaurant staff, child, an animation or a professional actor can be arranged
  • Front panel for your key messages/branding for support to offset or remove cost
  • A memorable addition to your staff, wearing your team uniform
  • Timer facility for Auto power on/off & play


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