Welcome to the brand new Digital Messaging Company website. Finally, we have our own spot on the net to showcase our shiny LED screens, our amazing digital signage solutions and our gorgeously bulging biceps (the natural result of lugging around so much signage).

Please do feel at home to wander freely through these digital hallways. Peek at our signage galleries. Learn about using digital signage to generate more revenue for your business. Take a nosey at one of our technology partners. Or start daydreaming about a new holographic mannequin in your place of business, entertaining your clients and impressing the rubberneckers.

If you do have pressing digital signage questions (or maybe just relaxed queries, or indifferent suppositions even) get in touch. We loving chatting about screens and digital displays and messaging with anyone who’ll listen. Sometimes that’s the cat. Sometimes it’s our fabulous clients. Sometimes it’s someone like you with a simple question about an interactive touchscreen and we end up down holo-cube alley with a side order of window display and a selection of HDMI ports to party with. That’s just the way we roll.

Because we love digital signage. We love the silky smooth cables. The delectable sheen of a brand new screen. The way it lights up for the very first time the moment you connect it to a reliable power source. The almost inaudible hum, the purr of ecstasy if you will, that it gives us when we’re close by, the digital equivalent of heavy breathing. Want proof? Well one earnest blogger wandered into the Digital Messaging Company office and happened across this little situation:

Digital Messaging Group Team Ian, Teen & Aimee

Screen orgy, anyone? Ok. One earnest blogger may have asked them to do that. But the fact that they so willingly obliged has to mean something! For one thing, it shows that they have too much trust in one earnest blogger. Why, you ask? Surely hugging a screen for a photo opportunity so that various digital messages could then be Photoshopped onto it for blog fodder is a sign of great team camaraderie? Well yes. But surely they should have suspected that this would eventually happen:

Digital Messaging Group Team Ian, Teen & Aimee

Bloggers. Best you keep a wary eye on them. When you’re not busy being mesmerised by the delights of digital signage, of course.