Menu signage has officially gone digital and its better than ever before. One of our biggest clients, Sodexo, is now using digital menu boards in more than 25 locations around the UK and Europe. Why? Because the benefits of digital menu signage are just blowing their minds. Like what? Well, I’m glad you asked.

No more printing
Printing is expensive. Printing wastes paper. Printing is time consuming. Having to organise, redesign and reprint a selection of new menus everytime a price changes or a dish is tweaked is annoying. So get rid of printing and get digital. All those changes happen immediately with just a few clicks of the magic button.

No time wasted
The big problem with printing is that it takes time. With digital signage your menu changes the moment you upload your new menu. You’re halfway through lunch and you’ve run out of salmon? Fine, just take it off the menu. You’ve just realised that the steak should be £1 or so dearer than it actually is? You can update that right now. No need to wait a week and spend half your life trying to explain to everyone that the menu isn’t right!

Freedom and spontaneity
Not sure about the new menu? Try out one version, and if it doesn’t work, try out a new version tomorrow. It’s easy. Have lots of leftover chicken that needs to be sold? Your chicken special can be big, bold, front and centre of every screen on the premises, helping you to cut down on waste.

Drive revenue and upsell
So your customers don’t think they want dessert, huh? Well, that’s because they don’t have a 55″ of digital brownies staring at them, forcing them to succumb to the chocolatey delights. Digital signage helps to ensure everyone knows about your meal deals, your offers and just how beautiful your food is. You can even detail your suppliers, your chefs, your inspiration and let everyone know about your food journey. It all helps to influence your customers to trust your brand and to buy your product!

No more boredom
Digital signage is fun to watch. It makes waiting for food fun. Folks who have lots of engaging messaging to watch won’t even notice the time it takes for their order to be whipped up and presented to them.

Social media
Want another way to make waiting for food fun? Connect your digital signage and menu boards to your Instagram, your Twitter, your Facebook. Encourage your customers to post photos and engage with you – let them do your advertising for you!

See? Digital menu boards are simply magic. You should get some, they’re pretty much guaranteed to remove all of the hassle from your life and encourage many attractive people to wink in your general direction. And if that isn’t a life goal, I don’t know what is.