Modular LFD Video Walls

Modular video walls are made from an arrangement of smaller screens pieced together with seamless bezel design to create one large screen that perfectly fits the space available.

We predominantly work with screens from Samsung, LG and NEC to build our video walls.


  • Superior colour and picture quality
  • Impressive slim, sleek video walls that are simple to install
  • Operational stability, 24/7 reliability and exceptional performance
Technology - Video Walls - Modular LFD Video Walls

LED Video Wall

LED video wall technology delivers seamless images, scalability to any size or shape and an extremely high quality display, guaranteed to be eye catching from any angle.


  • Stunning quality, colour perfect HD images
  • Create a seamless wall any size or shape from LED building blocks
  • Operational stability, 24/7 reliability and exceptional performance
Very large TCL video wall digital signage screen with photo of a motor bike

OLED Video Wall

Similar to the LED video wall, but with super sleek and slim panels. Delivery super high quality images, life like colour and perfect viewing from any angle.


  • Curved screen, delivery consistent colour and clarity from any angle
  • Self lighting pixels, meaning individual pixels can be turned on or off, allowing for the brightest whites and darkest blacks imaginable
  • 1000x faster than LED, giving perfect motion clarity free from blur
LG OLED four screen video wall with dual view curved tiling