Kiosk Enclosures

Kiosk style enclosures for large format screens in floor-fixed and free standing version. Ideal for indoor digital signage applications.


  • Made to fit screen sizes: 46 / 55 / 65 / 75 inch
  • single or back to back displays
  • stylish and modern design with internal cable management
  • laminated glass option
  • easy to assemble and install
  • bolt down or free standing
  • your own branding options available
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Landscape Kiosk Enclosure

Sleek digital signage kiosks designed to make an impact with its audience. Whether it’s advertising, a digital directory, or way finding, this solution is an ideal fit for a hotel lobby, corporate campus, college/university campus, hospital, shopping mall and more.


  • Flush alignment of screen in kiosk window
  • Hinged top frame offers easy access to display and other internal components for easy maintenance and enhanced security
  • Supports wide range of aesthetic options including multiple colors, vinyl wraps, etc. to best match environment or promote brand strategy
Technology - Kiosks - Landscape Kiosk Enclosure

Kiosk Enclosure for Window Displays

A sleek kiosk design for window displays. These work perfectly when there is nothing in your window to feasibly attach a screen to, while giving your display a sleek, professional look.


  • Unobtrusive, sleek design
  • Can be branded / coloured to match surroundings
  • For indoor use only
  • Custom made to fit your window and preferred screen size
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Xtreme™ Outdoor Double Digital Menu Board Kiosk

Replace static menu board signage with digital signage at the drive-thru. This fully-sealed weatherproof display has thermal management systems and an ambient lighting sensor that ensures your content is being displayed without any unwanted interruptions. The menu board can also be used in many drive-thru settings, including banks and pharmacies.


  • The unit offers a low operating cost
  • Drip caps on the rear door prevent water from entering the unit cabinet
  • Rain cap doubles as solar shield to reduce solar load within the kiosk
  • Quickly update menus and content to reflect recent price changes or specials, item offerings, caloric content, and dayparting
  • No additional layer of glass needed between display and enclosure eliminating glare
  • Practical modular design to maintain or repair kiosk quickly
  • Can easily withstand pressure washing from any angle
  • Up to 70% in electrical savings with compressor air conditioned systems
  • Wind rates up to 110mph; 90mph with topper and sidekicks attached
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Jazz Touch Table

A table top display. The table top is a receptacle for another innovative creation, the touch screen cassette. This housing has toughened glass fixed to the top surface with the display secured inside on tool-less adjusters. Thus because through-glass touch technology is built into the glass top, the display does not have to be a touch screen, making maintenance easier and the supply of display more cost effective.


  • Robust modular construction
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Colours & branding available
  • Space for players and PCs
  • Discreet cable management
  • Maintenance friendly
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