Super Bright Window Display Screens

You may have noticed a big trend in digital signage lately: the window display. It seems as though every real estate agent, restaurant and bookmakers has a screen perched in the window displaying special attractions, offers and other amusements. Now that more and more businesses from other sectors are jumping on board with the trend you may have noticed the one big pitfall: some of these screens are rather dull.

I’m not talking about content. The actual brightness of the screen is just too dull to compete with the sun, the glassy exterior and the general glare of the high street. The screens just need more nit. Yeah, I said nit. No, not headlice, folks, nit is “a unit of luminance equivalent to one candela per square metre” and it’s your window display’s new best friend. Much less itchy, as well.

Samsung have release a new series of screens JUST for window displays pointing into the outside world. How much more nit do they have than regular screens? Well, the screens we usually use come in three levels: basic, medium and high end, each with a nit of 350, 450 and 700 respectively. So how much nit does a screen specifically designed for outdoor glare need? 2500nit. That’s right, more than 3 times the nit of the high end indoor screens! Samsung aren’t messing around.

These screens – the OMD-W series (well, that’s what their mothers call them) – maintain high brightness and high contrast digital signage for as long as you need them to. The display is just as slim and sexy as you’re used to with lesser nit screens and it even uses energy efficient technology to help reduce operation costs. Want more cost reduction? It’s SSSP. That’s Samsung Smart Signage Platform, for the uninitiated, and it means you don’t have to fork out for a media player. It all comes built within the one glorious gizmo, it works perfectly with Signagelive (who are just our favourite digital signage software ever) and comes with built in Wi-Fi capability. It doesn’t get much more ‘plug and play’ than this.

What’s not to love? If you’re gonna do street level digital signage, you’d better do it right. Give us a bell, we’ll talk you through your options to ensure you shine brighter than your competition!