Samsung are our major hardware partner, and we have been providing their stylish, robust, cost effective digital displays since the company’s inception.

This relationship was further re-inforced in 2013 with the advent of the Samsung SMART Signage Platform (SSSP), developed in conjunction with our software partner, Signagelive.

The Samsung Smart Signage Platform is an all-in-one solution that marries cutting-edge display hardware with a simplified, integrated media player and open-source system platform. SSSP operates off the display’s internal CPU and high-performance video processor, eliminating the need for an external set-back box or PC. This provides cost savings of around 40%.

Samsung displays utilize the industry’s first System-on-Chip media player, eliminating the need for expensive external hardware. This technology supports plug-and-play functionality, so whether the content is contained on a USB drive or the internal hard drive, the embedded media player is powerful enough to display full HD video content with no external hardware.

Samsung has created a display solution that eliminates the need for expensive, highly trained, on-site personnel during installation. With their built-in System on Chip platform, Samsung displays require just one cord, a power cord. Most models now support wifi however you can choose to add a LAN cable for stability. This allows network owners to save time, cost, and effort during installation and post-launch management. Removing the external media player hardware also removes a layer of technology and complexity, the system just works!

For more information about the Samsung Smart Signage Platform, please call us on 020 3393 1470 or email [email protected].