The other day a little piece of futuristic magic marvelled its way into our lives. We were just sitting around, casually lapping up all that is digital signage when we were hit with the wonderful news that magic mirrors are no longer the stuff of fairytales, they’re coming to a retail space near you. Those lovely technological wizards at Samsung have created a mirror OLED display. Just look at this beauty:

The techy bits:

  • A 75% reflectance level (50% greater than other Mirror LCDs on the market)
  • A much improved colour gamut
  • Fast response times (no one likes mirror lag)
  • A contrast ratio of 100,000:1

This new digital mirror poses great opportunities for digital signage in retail, some of which definitely involve selfies.

That’s not all, though. Just when you were frothing at the mouth over a simple digital mirror display, Samsung went and one upped themselves. What could be better than a display that lets me see myself along with digital content? A screen that lets you see right through it.

Oh yes, you read that right. Digital signage has just become transparent and we are super excited. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Samsung Display 55 inch Transparent OLED

The techy bits:

  • A high colour gamut (naturally, wouldn’t expect anything less)
  • Visual clarity, even at wide viewing angles
  • Transparency level of over 40% (compared to 10% transparency levels in other screens on the market)

Right, who wants one? We need to get these into UK retail as sooon as possible, they look like the perfect way to stand out from the crowd with a luxury signage solution.